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Dany D
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I've Been Tagged!

Journal Entry: Thu May 17, 2018, 10:33 AM
I'm more than a little slow to actually do this one, haha!

I'm totally cool with being tagged in these these things, but I'm really uncomfortable about tagging people so I inevitably break the "you must tag x number of people" rule.  Do this if you like and just say that I tagged you so I can read your answers to the questions I've posted for YOU :D

Tagged by :iconcalicopikachu:


Answer the questions given by your tagger, and then give 12 of your own.
Choose 12 people to tag
Legitimately tag people, there is no “I can’t tag” I'm changing the rule here: if you're uncomfortable like me then just say "answer these questions if you want to and say that I tagged you so I can see your answers!"
Tag backs ARE allowed

1.) How do you feel about the metric system?
I use both metric and imperial depending on the situation, because I'm weird apparently. 

2.) If animals could talk, which would be the rudest?
Birds. They're constantly screaming about sex and territory all the time as it is.  Throwing verbal insults at everyone wouldn't be much of a stretch if they could talk!  And some already do, those naughty parrots!

3.) What's your most common "indoor thought"?
I'm not sure what an "indoor thought" is, but I'm going to assume it has something to do with a thought I wouldn't normally publicly express... in which case I'm not going to express it, becuase I'm a rude shitlord ;)

4.) What kind of Pokemon should be in the next generation?
More Mega forms maybe. Arcanine, Mightyena and Fearow all deserve one, IMO. Or perhaps more Eeveelutions to cover the types we still don't have!

5.) What's your best autocorrect/typo?
Every time I text "I'm walking home from the subway station" to my husband, autocorret replaces "walking" with "waffling" and I find it hilarious.

6.) Which movie would've benefited from your talent?
Alpha & Omega! The wolf designs just... wolves are my favourite animal.  The character design in general just make me angry! LOL

7.) On a scale of 10-1000000, how cute is my cat?
Adorable to infinity 

8.) Bay or Bae?

9.) Would you eat pancakes if I made them for you?
Lace them with chocolate chips and you've got a deal!

10.) Who is the sexiest cartoon woman?
Cybersix and Bayonetta!

11.) Favorite web comic?
The Gamercat and, though not a comic, Simon's Cat (I like cats, ok?!)

12.) What's up?
I'm at work and trying to design a sentient bologna sandwich.  It's harder than it sounds tbh!

Here are my questions for YOU!
1) Hotdogs or hamburgers?
2) If you could visit anywhere in our galaxy, where would you go?
3) Do you believe in the paranormal at all?
4) If you could have ANY pet, wild animal or domesticated, what would it be?
5) Biggest fear?
6) What's a really weird habit you have?
7) What's your favourite childhood memory?
8) Biggest peeve?
9) Pokemon or Digimon?
10) Do you dream in vivid or washed out colour or mostly black & white?
11) What would you do with $100 if you found it lying on the ground outside?
12) What's something that you find absolutely fascinating?

Other Sites I Post To As "Daemonysh"



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